The Engaged Living experience is based on more than 25 years working with individuals, couples, and small groups. Kathleen compassionately guides you in the discovery of new possibilities for life and relationship satisfaction and happiness. 

​​How? ​​
By freeing you from exactly what's blocking you in your heart and mind. Through a structured program with a specific beginning and end, you will discover that you are not sabotaging yourself.  You are simply using life strategies that worked when you had no free choice. Once ​​Are there areas of your life where you can't seem to create what you want? Do you find yourself repeating behaviors and thoughts over and over without understanding why?

​     You'll discover that you are more amazing and more
​       powerful than you think you are!

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"Kathleen teaches you how your deepest

​​hurts ​and needs can become your

 greatest assets for happiness and

​ achievement. 

​She is truly gifted and fun to work with as you

​learn ​more than you could imagine."

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Learning Your Personal Morse Code
​Will Change Your Life​

​​You will identify your personal methods for meeting challenges in your past. These methods worked in the past and helped you when you had very little free choice. However, today those very same methods are the reason you continue to repeat unwanted behaviors. It's like you are still using Morse Code in the age of cell phones.

Once you understand your personal Morse Code, it will no longer control the way you think, believe and act. Your life and relationships will automatically begin to transform. The change comes from within and you discover yourself feeling and acting differently. Your personal growth naturally continues to expand because you learn tools so practical and easy-to-understand you will use them again and again. 
​Masters in Counseling

Dr. Sumer Aeed
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      Don't    Guess     ever    again.

​​Know why you do what you do,
why you think like you think,
why you believe what you believe.

     Know exactly how to change what ​you want to            change​ to create the ​relationships and life             you want and deserve.